A turning point is a clear starting point.

In acupuncture, the turning point is the arrival of qi, pronounced “chee”, or energy, at a particular point in the body. In psychotherapy, it is the arrival of mental clarity. Neither arrival should be taken for granted. The turning point is where you pause, reflect, listen, and feel.

Four Principles

Acupuncture and Psychotherapy share four basic principles. First, to know your genuine nature is to be liberated. Second, the causes of suffering and illness often come from within the body and mind, as does the cure. Third, the practitioner must be present, to listen to what is said and what is not said. Fourth, an acupuncturist focuses on restoring the energetic balance of the body and mind and a psychotherapist transforms the pain of a traumatic event.

Mind, Body, and Spirit

The Chinese have a saying that the beginning of a thousand diseases begin in the mind. Not all diseases are psychological, but many have symptoms which originate from the subconscious. Mind, body and spirit are hand in hand. A vibrant life requires a full range of emotional experiences and freedom from unnecessary pain and suffering. If you are ready to restore your energy and discover your authentic self, then welcome to your Turning Point. I look forward to working with you.

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