Medical Qi-Gong FAQs

Qi Gong

Who can perform Medical Qi Gong?

Medical qi gong is performed by practitioners with specialized qi gong training. I have been trained by Master Li at the Academy of Oriental Medicine in Austin (AOMA) and I completed clinical training under the supervision of Doctor Wu in the AOMA Professional Clinic.

What does Medical Qi Gong Treat?

Medical qi gong is based on the Chinese medical principle that all diseases are based in energetic patterns. Qi gong can treat any disease process by adjusting, balancing, and restoring the energetic functioning of the body.

Can Medical Qi Gong help with anxiety or depression?

Medical qi gong can help by with removing emotional blockages that are keeping a patient stuck in an energetic pattern.

Medical Qi Gong

Medical qi gong, strengthens and redistributes the vital energy, the qi, pronounced “chee”, of an individual. The principles of medical qi gong are the same as acupuncture principles, but the technique is quite different. A medical qi gong patient is not physically touched by the practitioner, instead the practitioner senses qi flows and stagnation with his or her hands above the patient and then moves or transforms the qi, restoring an energetic balance in the body. Medical qi-gong is well suited for children, very sensitive people, people who are in frail health and individuals who prefer little to no touching. It is often used for subtle energy conditions.

Everyone experiences medical qi gong sessions differently. One patient may feel movement happening on a physical and emotional level and another patient may feel very relaxed and have a pleasant sense of well being during the session.  |  All materials © 2018 Turning Point Acupuncture and Counseling. Website by Websy Daisy.